The journey begins…

Tracy, why are you freezing your eggs and why are you making it so public?

First of all… it’s my choice and I’m certainly not the first to go public about doing with this. But, here’s a little back story…

It all started with my show, “Hey Vajayjay”, where we did a session on Egg Freezing with Dr. Juliette Skinner of the Barbados Fertility Centre…I had this brilliant idea: “Use me! Pick me! Choose me!” I will freeze my eggs and be an example for other women who are curious about this particular choice.  We casually agreed in the room, “Why not” and made an appointment at the fertility centre.  Now those who know me already know that when I get an idea in my head it MUST come to fruition, but after a couple conversations with friends and family I became slightly discouraged.  I didn’t develop the cheer team I expected.  Some responses were: “But you have so much time”, “You’re so young”, “Trust God” and “It’s SO expensive!” (this was a reasonable response but we will leave that for another post).

I received a call from the Fertility Centre and they were excited to get going.  I, however, was extremely torn, and I thought maybe I was making a mistake…maybe it’s a waste of time… maybe I should wait…They gave me some time to make my decision.  In that time I realized that this decision needed to be more than a demo for “Hey Vajayjay”, I needed to be doing this for me and no one else.

On a very random note, I was hosting a show called “The Insider” with powerhouse CEO, Connie Young Smith. This interview had nothing to do with family or babies or fertility but all about her journey from the bottom to the top, and work life balance.  If you’ve met Connie before you’d know she’s bold, straight up, a bad ass and “no f**ks given” kind of person.  Her energy is infectious, and it’s hard to not be influenced by her power and confidence.  Somehow, during that interview it clicked! I felt and knew that freezing my eggs was something I needed to do and truly wanted to do for me, for a few reasons:

  • I was married for 8 years
  • We tried for a baby at some point but it didn’t work out. There were no complications on either side.  It just wasn’t the correct timing.
  • I’m divorced 4 years

Now the baby issue and my view on this – *promise not to clutch your pearls* but I was never “fussy” on the idea that I MUST have children.  If I don’t have a child I will have a happy life, and if I do, I believe the same is true and I’ve always believed this.  What I mean is, I don’t feel like more of a woman because I could, or less of one if I couldn’t.  I do love the idea of mothering and nurturing a child whether through birth, adoption or just being a nurturing influence on the children very close to me.  What I love about egg freezing is that it gives me the power of choice.  It gives me an option.

I like the idea of egg freezing for the following reasons:

1. Takes the pressure off where the biological clock is concerned.

2. It gives me an option.

3. It gives me time.

4. Allows me to have the option to help another mother-to- be via egg donation.

So…I have my Buserelin shots, and I took the first one on Sunday August 14th and I was scared…


3 thoughts on “The journey begins…

  1. nikita says:

    Thanks for sharing. I don’t know if I would choose to freeze my eggs (maybe too old lol) but the part that you wrote “If I don’t have a child I will have a happy life, and if I do, I believe the same is true”. I am trying to really embrace this.

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    • My Eggs, My Choice says:

      Hi Nikita, you’re welcome. If you wanted to consider the option you can still do a test at the Barbados Fertility Centre (if you’re writing from Barbados) to check your ovarian reserve to see what’s happening there. As for the other statement I do realize that it’s a tough thing for most women to embrace. It was definitely a very personal decision I made a long time ago because I didn’t want one or the other to define my womanhood. I wish you much peace on your own personal journey to fully embracing and loving your life completely no matter the outcome.


  2. nikita says:

    Thanks again Tracy. I like reading about your journey. I am sure you are giving many women encouragement. And I like that you put in the good and not so good experiences.
    I am nearly 40 (2 months away) and I have PCOS. I may not be a great candidate for egg freezing.
    All the best to you.


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