Week 1 – “Down Regging”

Or what we call down regulating.  The Buserelin places me in a mini menopausal state.  Yea…mini menopause…temporarily.  All the while I’m on the birth control as well.  This process, “Down Regging” turns off my ovaries for a period of time and makes sure that I’m not producing any eggs right now.  After this process then I start the stimulating medication which prepares my ovaries to produce a number of eggs, but we’re not there yet, so let’s focus on Week 1 – “Down Regging”.  I have to continue this process for the next 2 weeks.

My morning routine looks like this – a cotton wool, rubbing alcohol, the injection and the vial of Buserelin.  Not the makeup bag.


Ok here’s a break down of my week just as I wrote it in my diary:

Day 1:

  • Took the shot and some bumps showed up. I thought it was a rash but later I learned that this was common.  It itched a little bit but because the shot is localized it was only in that one spot.  Five minutes later the itching stopped and the bumps went away.
  • I got a headache but my nurse warned me that this would happen.
  • In the afternoon I was extremely emotional. I cried a couple times.
  • I felt groggy and foggy.
  • I felt dizzy.
  • Day one sucked!

Day 2:

  • Administered the shot like a boss! I used the word “administered” that means I’m feeling good.
  • I’m still feeling like a boss! machelmontano_likeahboss
  • 5:18 pm – still no major side effects.
  • Today is a good day!

Day 3:

  • The shot hurt a little today but I think I’m getting the hang of this.  Maybe I was a nurse in another life.
  • I got the dull headache later in the day but I took 2 Panadols and I was good to go!
  • No mood swings! YES!

Day 4:

  • The shot stung.  I’m tired today.
  • I got a headache and I took the Panadol.
  • I feel sad today.  Why am I sad today?
  • My boobs look quite…plump!  Looking like a round B – success!
  •  Sooooo…this was me when R.Kelly’s “Bump and Grind” came on during a playlist.  Full tears! I don’t know.  I seriously am trying to control this.
  • 1093966
  • This was not the best day.

Day 5:

  • I don’t think I did the shot right today. It bled a little but I was told that if that happened, it’s ok.  It wasn’t horrible.  I really don’t feel like doing these anymore, but whatever.  It’s in! It stung. Meh!
  • Today is also the day of my last pill.  As in, today is the day I MUST stop taking the pill and now I must await a period within 2-4 days, but I have to continue the Buserelin
  • Dull headache today.  I took the Panadol.
  • Nauseous
  • Very tired.
  • Tonight I had some joint pain for a while.  I then decided to Google – Buserelin and Joint Pain.  Apparently sometimes muscle and joint pain can be a side effect. Anyway, I took 2 Panadols and they kicked in about 45 minutes later. Thank God! Time to sleep.

Day 6:

  • My brain said, “No!”  I just didn’t want to do the shot. I guess I’m not yet used to this.  I need to work on accepting the process a little more.  “Suck it up Trace!”
  • I took the shot.
  • I felt drained today.
  • Nauseous
  • I’m feeling very miserable but I think I’m masking it well because I have meetings today.

Day 7: – TODAY!

  • I did not want to wake up because it’s Saturday morning.  Anyway, I’m up!


  • Administered the shot this morning – LIKE AH BOSS!


  • I also hummed the “Jaws” theme as I inserted the needle and somehow it stung a lot less.  That’s it, maybe I need a film score in my head every time I do this.

That’s it for my first week!  It was quite the roller coaster emotionally but I’m learning to manage it.  I also have the most supportive boyfriend and I’m very grateful.  He’s a patient soul.  Hopefully with Week 2 not much changes and I’ll know what to expect.

I’ll be visiting my doctor at the Fertility Centre next week once I see a period and it will be time for the Ultrasound Scan to ensure my ovaries are ready for the stimulating drug regime.  Once I’m ready I will start the new meds and also continue with the Buserelin but I will be decreasing the dosage.

I also want to say thanks to everyone who’s read this blog so far, who mentioned it when they saw me, who gave a word of encouragement or even shared your own personal story.  I really appreciate you all and the support.

Something to think about…

You may wish to consider Egg Freezing if you:

  • Have not yet met the father of your future children and having children in this context is important to you.
  • Are in a committed relationship, but not ready for children.
  • Are focusing on your career goals/education.
  • Have had unexpected life changes.
  • Are facing a fertility-threatening illness.
  • Are simply not ready.

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