Phase 2: Stimulation

This is not a bag filled with freshly baked croissants from The Cliff Bakery after a visit to Holder’s Market…no no no!


My friend, this brown paper bag is filled with more Buserelin syringes plus new syringes for the new meds, mixing needles and other needles slightly bigger than the Buserelin needles (those used for insulin shots), as well as the new hormone…drum roll…curtain call…welcome – MERIONAL!  This new hormone is another daily injection used to stimulate my ovaries to produce multiple follicles during one cycle.  Basically this gets me ready to produce many eggs in one go!

On Friday I paid a visit to the Barbados Fertility Centre to meet with the lovely Nurse Anna for my ultrasound scan.  This scan would let them know how my ovaries are looking.  They were big and round and wide like…


It’s as if they were saying – “We’re so ready to carry all 20 of your eggs!!!!” *bounce*  

Hopefully I produce up to 20.  If my only chance at having babies were through the eggs that I freeze, if I make up to 20 eggs it increases my chance of having up to two children in the future.  Unfortunately this is not always the case for some women and they have to take another round but the Barbados Fertility Centre has a very high success rate with lovely stories of new mothers winning at this process!  Anyway, I digress, and we will go into that more in another post.

So, I have the Merional and I literally had a mini session like Merional 101 followed by a practical exam to make sure I carry out this process the correct way when I’m at home.  Remember in an earlier post I felt “Like ah boss!” almost as if I was a nurse in a past life?


So here’s how my life is set up for the next 10-12 days:

I have to draw the fluid up this massive needle which is the mixing needle.  THEN, i flip off the covers of the 3 vials carrying the hormone.  When the fluid hits the hormone it dissolves instantly and it’s mixed.  I then draw that mix and push into the second vial, mix that and keep going to the third one.  When I draw the final mix I then switch needles to the little orange one.  The orange needle is what I’m using to give myself the shot.  This one stings a lot more…


So now my dosage of Buserelin has decreased to 30 units in the morning and I’m on the Merional at night.  Apparently the side effects are more “enjoyable” and are meant to kick in within 3 days.  My libido will be boosted…through the roof apparently.


I can’t work out super hard, but I CAN indeed work out and I should take it easy all the while carrying on with my day as I would usually do.  There will be some tiredness and I will get bloated at some point, but this is all part of this experience.  During week 2 of the Buserelin I had some great days and also some really low depressing days, I felt very heavy with a hot flash or two but Merional will bring some balance back.

Next week I’m back at the BFC for blood tests and to assess my ovarian response.  This is when I’ll know if they need to increase or decrease the fertility medication.  A few things to note:

“At birth, a woman is born with all of the eggs she will make in her lifetime.”

“The success of egg freezing depends on the quality of the eggs.  Generally, younger women have higher quality eggs than women who are older, and the egg quality declines as a woman ages.  For this reason, egg freezing tends to be more successful in women who have their eggs frozen at a younger age.”

“More than half of women younger than 38 years who freeze between 15-20 eggs are predicted to have a resulting live birth, and freezing more eggs at your younger ages improves chances further.”

A big thank you to Marsha Layne of Barbados Today for showing her support of the blog and “Hey Vajayjay” in her article – Today’s Woman, check it out!



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